Demystifying the Digital Media Supply Chain

In 2003, we set out to transform the way content creators access and monetize video content. Today, our technology is used by the world's leading media & entertainment companies to solve problems we hadn’t even dreamed of back then.

First, Evolution

Where, when, and how today’s audiences access news, sports, or entertainment programming has evolved more in the past five years than in the previous fifty. Both the amount of content and the means of accessing it have become vastly broader and richer, presenting opportunities and challenges in business models, distribution channels, intellectual property rights and brand value.


Digital media now encompasses not only what is visible on the viewer’s screen, but also the metadata defining a program’s existence in the digital world. This data is essential in discovering, enhancing and delivering assets today. Harnessing technology to enable content creators to realize their full potential during this historic period of evolution is what T3Media is all about. For over a decade, we have provided content creators with the services and technologies that enable greater profitability and growth as the digital world evolved.

Now, Revolution

Every day we see content creators and distributors being held back by the approaches of the past. Are you one?


Technology now enables you to take a revolutionary approach.  Choose an alternative to the people-intensive processes, legacy hardware, and monolithic software to maximize the digital opportunity rather than continuing to lag behind the industry’s evolution.  Choose the revolutionary path to regain control of your business model, distribution channels, audience potential and brand value while increasing velocity and profitability.


T3Media’s experience solving some of the digital marketplace’s hardest problems for many diverse content creators including the NCAA®, Sony Pictures Entertainment and the US Department of Defense provides unique perspectives and capabilities in this era of unprecedented change.   We are leading a revolution that will liberate video content creators to thrive in a digital world.

Finally, a Solution

T3Media is the leader in content management, delivery and monetization services for media and entertainment companies.   We provide one of the world’s-largest managed video and metadata platforms as a cloud-based service, reducing or eliminating the impact of people intensive processes, legacy hardware and monolithic software on our customers as they transition to digital.   For over a decade, T3Media has provided video content owners including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox International Channels, Fox Sports, Paramount Pictures, National Geographic and the NCAA® with services and technologies that enable them to thrive in the digital world.

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