Information Systems Administrator

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Reporting to the Vice President of Information Systems and Services, the Information Systems Administrator position will join an operations team providing technical expertise and logically thought out solutions to a large scale infrastructure servicing media centric digital supply chain services, multitenant web portals, a multi-Petabyte tape archiving platform, and a distributed corporate environment.

This individual must be a self-starter and task oriented as they will be working with a distributed team in separate locations with minimal management oversight. This opportunity provides exposure to a large range of technologies from SAN, HSM, Web Services, Private and Public Cloud, Virtualization, and Big Data Analytics, so a desire to learn a broad range of competencies with a non-biased view is a must.

Applicants need to be aware that hours are based on task completion, and do not typically fit a strict 40 hour work week model. Maintenance windows are typically weekends and nights, and an on-call rotation is required. Training is provided for creative implementation of tools versus simply learning of technology, so a self-taught, quick learning attitude will be necessary.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Operational management of T3M systems and services relative to maintaining the SLA of the T3M platform.
  • Technical knowledge of assigned areas of T3M infrastructure relative to implementation, troubleshooting, and monitoring. These will vary from Data systems including storage and library, to Web systems including virtual infrastructure, 3rd party service provider, and web application stacks.
  • Participation in IT projects as technical lead or member based on core competencies
  • 24/7 “On-Call” schedule participation.
  • Devote time for training and continued education with other T3Media departments in an effort to understand offered services and product.
  • Keep up with industry trends and best practices.

Skill Set:

  • Operating systems:
    • 5-7 years of Unix based administration including system design, compile and install, tuning and monitoring for specific applications, and deployment methods
    • Requires a comfort level and working experience in various UNIX based operating systems including: Solaris, RedHat Enterprise Platforms, FreeBSD, and Apple OSX
    • 3-5 years of corporate Windows systems and application administration utilizing Active Directory in a single or multi-domain configuration, including integrated services such as ADFS and SSO.
    • 1-2 years of Apple OSX administration, including a familiarity with Apple-based network services (AFP, DNS, OD)
  • Storage
    • Fundamental knowledge and understanding of storage network technologies, including concepts of file systems, disk subsystems, data profiling, and networking.
    • Working knowledge of NAS and SAN implementations. Preferably, the candidate would be encouraged to comfortably recommend alternatives based on previous work experience.
    • Experience in medium to large tape automation systems including tape management, data archiving, and recovery.
    • Disaster recovery experience surrounding the use of storage networking.
  • Applications
    • Mid-range proficiency in scripting languages, preferably Perl, with ability to handle text file processing and data manipulation, regular expressions, and socket handling.
    • Experience in deploying typical UNIX based applications such as Bind, OpenLDAP, NFS, NTP, Sendmail and integrating into a mixed environment of Windows and UNIX systems.
    • Knowledge and working experience with installing, upgrading, deploying, troubleshooting and tuning of web application environments specifically focused on apache 2.0 and tomcat.   Knowledge of tools and techniques based on experience are key here.
    • Experience designing, configuring, and deploying open source and commercial database products in a clustered or large scale implementation. MySQL cluster deployments and comparative alternative knowledge are a plus.
    • Experience with tiered corporate email services including AV, SPAM, and remote connectivity. Exchange deployment and administration experience is desired.
    • Working knowledge of large scale backup solutions, tape archiving, and recovery. Working knowledge of Oracle SAMFS environments are optimal.
  • Networking
    • General experience with Layer2-3 switching/routing
    • Knowledge of Cisco IOS and general networking fundamentals
    • Understanding of design, deploy, and troubleshooting of VPN technologies
    • Working experience of geographically distributed services including application load balancing
    • VoIP, PBX, and telecom knowledge and/or experience
  • Datacenter
    • General knowledge of data center concepts including physical, environmental, and security controls.
    • Experience working with power, cooling, and general layout of racks for computer or telecom systems.

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